The Wonderful Haitian City Called Jacmel

In response to the article written at Haiti Innovation:

Haiti’s future depends on trade and tourism. Even foreign aid cannot do what they can. For Haiti, trade and tourism also include such important spheres as industrial development and agricultural revitalization. These have played a vital role in the development of Jacmel.

The city of Jacmel has lots of historic buildings and is tentatively considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the fifth largest city in the nation of Haiti and has a population of 60,000 people.

michael capponi

Even though it was severely damaged in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the city government and the Capponi Group – headed by Michael Capponi – are working to improve Jacmel’s downtown. Part of their plan is to build a hotel and to open the first tourism training school.

Founded in 1698, Jacmel has a rich history of trade and culture. It used to be a major center of coffee trade and has been home to many of Haiti’s most prominent artists. Currently, it is famous for its colonial architecture that has a French, Old World feel.

Unlike other parts of Haiti, Jacmel is known for its peaceful, quiet pace of life. It has a climate of stability and prosperity so rarely found in other parts of Haiti. All of these factors turn it into one of the best places to live on Haitian island.

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