Key Biscayne Native Has Dreams For The Caribbean

“I think we can revitalize this country completely and make it a place people want to visit,” he says. “It’s doable.”

Until last year Capponi had never set foot in Haiti. An avid surfer, he was more familiar with the popular resorts next door in the Dominican Republic, where he liked to go for the waves.

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If you’ve ever been to Miami Beach for a night on the town, you may have heard of Michael Capponi, the club promoter whose heyday came about in the 90s. Capponi’s success was buoyed by the spectacular success of a string of South Beach party venues, and he has now turned both his money and his energy to help the suffering country of Haiti.

Pop-culture followers have likely heard news of Wyclef Jean, Donna Karan, and Venus Williams working to assist survivors of the Haitian earthquakes in the years following. Capponi is traveling with them and has teamed up with them to not only help the citizens of Haiti, but also rebuild its devastated cities.

Capponi envisions Haiti as a future Caribbean destination – with rebuilt tourist venues and pristine beaches, he hopes it’ll be a draw for people from all over the world. By shifting the economy to be more tourism-based, he is hopeful the economy can sustain itself and grow.